Outrage at valdez, bars 1-3. The first chord of this composition is Fsus2 in F Aeolian, voiced as F-C-G.

Pygmy twylyte (A token of his extreme), solo section (transcription). Here the other two type of chords Brett considers unstable in Aeolian can be heard (Bm and Bsus4).

The idiot bastard son, intro from the YCDTOSA II version. Bars 2 and 5 feature the Dsus2 chord in a D Dorian environment.

Sheik Yerbouti tango, bars 9-12, with the Fm-chord in an F Aeolian environment.

Theme one from Peaches III. Bars 1 and 5 feature the Bm-, Bsus2-and Bsus4-chords in a B Aeolian environment.

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