Echidna's arf (of you)

Echidna's arf (of you), opening. Transcr.: Internet files/KS/Tom Trapp (corrections).
- Tom Trapp wrote me saying that my original choice of metres at the end was clumsy (2001):
a) 21/16 should be divided as 4/4 plus 5/16 instead of formerly 4/16 plus 4/16 plus 5/16 plus 8/16: right, the drummer beats on C sharp instead of D, the subdivision has been corrected.
b) Formerly 8/16 plus 3 times 11/16 plus 3/16 should be 4 times 11/16: right again, when you listen to the hi-hat, it's clear my former metres were careless.
- There are some comparable midi files of Echidna's arf on the internet. One is attributed to Craig Jones, another is anonymous. It's possible to copy anything on the net, so I can't judge what's original without further information. To avoid this problem for my files on the net, they are all included in the printed versions of my study and/or deposited at the I-depot, The Hague.

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