Frogs with dirty little lips

Frogs with dirty little lips, 1:11-1:59. Transcription: KS (update 2008, deposited at the I-depot, The Hague).
Note: in 2021 I came across the article and example below at Society pages, leading to two corrections upon the above:
- After relisting I agree that the rhythm goes closer to that notation. So above everything from bar 10, beat 4 onwards should be notated with triplets instead of dotted eighth notes. It's not that important a difference, so I've left the example as it is.
- Zappa describes the final cadence as a Landini cadence. In order to hear it as a Landini cadence the chords should be bigger than I first had (I-V alternating). I've extended the V chord to V 7th, so that the notes from Landini's VII chord are in it too. A D is certainly audible at 1:36.

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