Naval aviation in art?

Naval aviation in art? (The perfect stranger), bars 1-12. Reduced score as reproduced in the Martin Herraiz study. Notes:
- All staffs are in concert pitches.
- The 32nd notes are played as staccato notes.
- I've notated the dynamics following the album. They are present in Martin's example with bars 1-6 in a more articulated form, but not included in the example with bars 7-12.
- Staff 4: the trumpet notes in Martin's example are played by flutes on the album.
- Bar 10 staff 2: the high dissonant is added by me (I'm hearing it on the album, but I don't see it in the example).
- Bars 9-12 staff 7: the notes for the violas (plus violins 2) are hard to distinguish on the album.

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