Sad Jane

Sad Jane, section. Transcription: KS (update 2005, 3rd printed edition 2007, with a number of corrections made in 2015).
Note: all instruments are notated as C-instruments.
Below the reduced score version of these bars 104-112, as reproduced in the dissertation by Vu Nguyen in 2012. The differences with my original 2005 example are a number of inaccuracies from my side, but also real version differences:
- Bar 104: beat 2 is indeed a triplet. I've left off a few minor errors in the rhythm as they are.
- Bars 106-7: my former chord C-D-F is indeed Bb-Eb-F (corrected).
- Bar 108: the third 16th note is indeed a C instead of my former E (corrected and a second lower harmony D added).
- Bar 109: an Eb can indeed be added.
- Bar 110: next to the A, a D is indeed clearly audible. The E may also be present, but I don't manage to hear it.
- Bar 111: bass harmony note is indeed a C instead of a B (corrected).
- Bars 112-4: here the CD version is really different from the score. The harmony notes got skipped. It's clarinet, timpani and percussion alone. The rhythm is also different. Bar 112 preoccupied my attention in 2005 and may be responsible for the inaccuracy of the harmonies in the preceding bars.

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